Meet......Sharon Plover

  • Favorite area Beach? Bodwich Pointsharon_plover_150_154
  • Person you would most like to dine with? Queen of England
  • Favorite restaurant? Bayfront Bistro and Brew Babies
  • Best area location for sunset? Ft. Myers Beach
  • Favorite president? Abe Lincoln
  • Golf or tennis? Neither. Prefer reading.
  • Hidden gem neighborhood? Villa Pines
  • Favorite team? Don't have one
  • Destination you want to visit? Bali and Tahiti
  • Favorite charity? Octagon Wildlife Sanctuary

Sharon is dedicated to not only finding the perfect home or property for her clients but to creating a memorable experience for them. With unparalleled success and years of experience, Sharon works with her clients to bring their dream to reality.

Through a combination of diverse knowledge of the real estate market, intimate knowledge of surrounding communities and a personal touch, Sharon has won the loyalty of clients who request to work with her time and again. Sharon is proud to be client-focused and will work tirelessly to find the right-fit dream home or investment property.

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