Zen Real Estate in Southwest Florida

Zen Gardens Growing in Popularity throughout Southwest Florida [caption id="attachment_2437" align="alignleft" width="406" caption="Sanibel Zen Garden"]Sanibel Zen garden[/caption] Long popular on the West Coast, creating a zen area in a home or yard is catching on in Southwest Florida.  The Zen movement has Buddhist roots emanating from China and utilizes meditation to attain enlightenment. With year round temperatures averaging 75 degrees, most Southwest Florida Zen areas have been built outside in the form of a Zen garden.  Zen gardens are often viewed as a living work of art and often feature prominent stone compositions.  The living elements in the Zen garden are carefully pruned to create a near static picture-scape. Here locally, the South Fort Myers high-rise development of Mastique has a shared Zen garden for its residents.  Also, there are currently a handful of single-family homes on the market with Zen gardens.  An estate home listed for $2.229M in the Fort Myers luxury gated community of Devonwood features an outdoor Zen area with a koi pond.  On Sanibel, in the waterfront sailboat access of Sanibel Isles, a single-family home listed for $2.1M features a wonderfully peaceful Zen garden. If you are interested in learning more about Zen real estate in Southwest Florida, we are here to assist.

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