Waistline demographics

Cape Coral is growing even faster than my waistline

Happy 35th birthday to Cape Coral, whose population has recently surpassed 143,000 up from 100,000 in 2000. Cape Coral is proud of its growth as evidenced by the population meter prominently displayed above the fold on the city home page.

The Cape, which was founded and originally developed by a pair of slick brothers from Baltimore, has come a long way in its 35 years. It is truly extraordinary that in the last 5 years almost half as many people have moved to the Cape as did in the first 30 years of incorporation.

While both residents and investors alike have created significant amounts of wealth investing in Cape real estate, many believe prices are reaching a ceiling. According to the Cape Coral Economic Development Office, the median price of a home is now $190,267, up from $105,140 in 2000. While this may seem astronomical to many, spend some time on the East Coast of Florida or even in Naples and the Cape seems to be very affordable.

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