Trolley Service Resumes in The Fort Myers River District

fort_myers_trolley The downtown Fort Myers trolleys will offer visitors and residents a free ride in and around historic Fort Myers.  Two new River District trolley routes will run from Monday through Saturday until April 17 and serve the River District.  This is the second season that trolleys will ferry passengers throughout downtown Fort Myers. The River District trolley service began during the 2012-2013 tourist season to encourage visitors to leave their cars behind and walk the streets of downtown then hop on a trolley to their next destination.  Wildly successful, the trolley program ferried more than 31,000 visitors who enjoyed this free service.  Fort Myers city officials predict ridership will go up this year as people learn about the free service. City officials say more routes have been added so people can go to more places.  The Blue Line will go from Seaboard Street to Virginia Avenue, and will now make a stop at the Rosa Parks Transportation Center and The Butterfly Estates during the day.  The Gold Line will continue to run its same route as last year.  This year, there will not be any trolley stop signs in the downtown area to avoid traffic jams.  The trolley, however, will stop at every block when traveling in the center of downtown. In the Fort Myers River District, you can find shops, art galleries, live theater, exciting new restaurants, upscale accommodations and many tourist attractions.  Hop on and off, as many times as you like, and never pay a fare.

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