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Property values to sky-rocket if Bonita canals dredged

A Bonita Springs resident is trying to generate neighborhood interest in the funding of a canal dredging effort to enable access to the Gulf. If the canals are dredged, property values in this established Southwest Bonita neighborhood could triple.

This story brings to mind one of the most common questions that I get asked about Cape Coral, "why don't they connect the fresh water canals with the salt water canals creating a much larger gulf access system?" Seems logical enough when you look at a map of Cape Coral, but there a number of reasons why this isn't feasible.

The City of Cape Coral uses the freshwater canals to store water that is used in the city's reuse irrigation system. Other benefits of the storage of freshwater in the canal system include reducing harmful and excessive discharges of freshwater into the adjacent marine waters and reducing flooding problems throughout the region. The City of Cape Coral performs regular canal maintenance to insure that canals are functioning properly.

While we won't see the fresh and gulf access canals connected anytime soon, I view both as excellent investments for both the near-term and long-term hold strategies.

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