Trail’s Edge at Babcock Ranch Offering 14 Floor Plans

trails edge at babcock ranch

An impressive 14 different floor plans are offered within the new community of Trail’s Edge at Babcock Ranch. This exciting new Lennar neighborhood is part of the larger, solar-powered town of Babcock Ranch.  Trail’s Edge supplies the option of both villas and single-family homes, priced starting from the high $100,000s to low $200,000s.

The villas begin with around 1,400 square feet of living space, including three-bedrooms and two-baths. Meanwhile, the single-family floor plans call for some larger designs, with the option of two-story residences.  Some of these homes include upwards of 3,800 square feet of living space. It’s one of three neighborhoods currently offering up the opportunity to live within Babcock Ranch.

Trail’s Edge is conveniently within a short walk of the town’s downtown district, with some big promises for the future. Currently several model homes exist within Babcock Ranch, with construction crews hard at work completing many more.

As well, plans also call for more than six million square feet of commercial space. A general store is also expected to open soon, while autonomous vehicles will be added to the mix shortly. A wellness center should open this spring, with the grand opening celebration planned for Founder’s Square.

Meanwhile, yet another school building is slated to open up in time for next school year. Already a restaurant and a gathering space are open in the neighborhood, and the first residents are set to move into the first neighborhood, Lake Timber, within just days.

In total, plans call for more than 19,000 homes to grace Babcock Ranch at build-out, with room for around 50,000 residents in the coming years. The innovative town is the first of its kind; a sustainable community designed to blend green space with green construction, and a friendly neighborhood vibe that extends from the front porches to the development’s natural surroundings.

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