Three New Models Offered at Babcock Ranch

babcock ranch Three new model homes will soon be completed at Babcock Ranch, a revolutionary new development being designed to compliment nature trails, lakes and green space, while adding in a downtown area and more than 19,000 homes. Incorporating thousands of trees and community gardens with energy efficient architectural designs, Babcock Ranch is said to be the first solar town in the world, relying on renewable, solar generated energy to supply the town with its energy needs. With simplistic design elements, the properties are being designed to promote solar energy usage and water conservation. With that in mind, the sustainable city is set to offer three new models from Florida Lifestyle Homes, with two of them expected to be finished in February and the third by early April. The homes range from around 2,700 to more than 4,000 square feet in size with one- and two-story floor plans. Offering up both lakefront and preserve views, the homes include four-bedrooms and three-baths, plus plenty of room for living and entertaining both inside and outside the homes. All of the models provide large windows, allowing for plenty of natural light, plus porches to supply space for neighbors to interact, while also offering up additional living space to owners. The Downtown area of Babcock Ranch is being designed to encourage social interaction between fellow residents too, complete with restaurants, gathering spaces, retail stores, a wellness center and a produce market, featuring locally grown products. While residents will be encouraged to use autonomous vehicles within the community, it will also be designed for bikers and walkers, offering up a comfortable and inviting Main Street for all residents to enjoy and cherish. Along with the model homes expected to be completed in early 2017, the community’s Founders Square is additionally nearing completion. Ground was also recently broken for a neighborhood school.

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