The Fort Myers River District is Always Happening

fort myers river district art work The place to live, work and play, the Fort Myers River District is always happening, filled with exciting places to visit and things to do. This waterfront locale is known for its charming selection of shops, restaurants, art galleries and entertainment, combining to form a unique residential and commercial destination. With an eclectic mix of interesting boutiques, dozens of diverse dining locations and enviable attractions, the River District also sets the stage for various exhibits, festivals, concerts and events throughout the year. Experience the local culture with area artwork or sample the many tastes and flavors of the region, from the exciting nightlife to the riverfront views. Whether you are in search of an interesting destination to take a leisurely afternoon stroll or a popular venue for live music on a weekend night, there is always something going on in the Fort Myers River District. The reimagined downtown development is known to host everything from a pet walk to live concerts, with nearby attractions ranging from sailing and skate parks to history museums and recreational centers. It’s easy to discover what makes the River District so desirable, for you’ll constantly find a string of activities to choose from, no matter when you go. Select from local produce and baked goods at the weekly River District Farmers Market or greet local artists during a round of live art demonstrations, for there’s plenty to choose from in this appealing location. The brick-lined streets of this historic city center provide a traditional overview to one of Fort Myers’ most prized destinations, taking a nod to the past while propelling the city well into the future with exciting stores, restaurants, galleries, nighttime entertainment and more. Together this impressive blend of options creates an exceptional location where something is always happening in the exceptional Fort Myers River District.

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