Syd Kitson Named Time Magazine Dreamer of the Year

The visionary behind Babcock Ranch is now being honored for his personal achievements. Founder Syd Kitson was recently recognized by TIME Magazine as its 2023 “Dreamer of the Year”.

Syd Kitson is the Chairman & CEO of Kitson and Partners. The real estate developer is the force behind the revolutionary, master-planned community of Babcock Ranch. Noted as the very first solar-powered town in the nation, Kitson took his plans for a new community early on to Florida Power & Light.

The new community was designed to utilize eco-friendly practices and integrate green technologies. As TIME notes, the foresight was put to the test just last year. While Hurricane Ian left its mark on other parts of the region, Babcock Ranch retained its power, and its critical infrastructure wasn’t flooded.

Since the construction of Babcock Ranch, TIME points out that other developers have begun to show their own interest in following some of Kitson’s design principles. The magazine alludes to the fact that Kitson made something special, and that The Dreamer of the Year award goes to someone who builds stronger communities.

In the case of Babcock Ranch, TIME describes the community as one that was designed to “stand in harmony” with Mother Nature. Kitson originally purchased 91,000 acres of land, then sold off the majority of it to the State of Florida for preservation.

The remaining 18,000 acres of land was made into the homes, businesses, and amenities of Babcock Ranch. Today, you’ll find hiking and biking paths, community schools, co-working space, plus opportunities for shopping and dining inside the community.

Founder’s Square is noted as the “social hub” of Babcock Ranch, while the community also offers Cypress Lodge and Lake Timber Lodge. The growing area is additionally home to a large number of distinct neighborhoods, including the golf course community of Babcock National, the new gated enclave of Creekside Run, and a new water park-inspired community of townhomes, villas, and single-family homes.

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