SW Florida water problems

Can shortages slow growth?

Booming real estate markets like Phoenix and Las Vegas routinely deal with severe water shortages. Can SW Florida continue its fanatic rate of growth with dwindling supplies of H2O?

With 71 people a day moving here and the average resident using 175 gallons a day, it is easy to the rapid rate of growth in water consumption. Local officials have implemented strict rules to limit water consumption including an emergency watering schedule in Cape Coral which restricts daytime watering.

Can desalination plants which are quite common throughout the Middle East be utilized locally to tap the seemingly unlimited Gulf of Mexico? Maybe in a few years it will become commonplace to collect water in a cistern like most of Caribbean neighbors to the South.

Locally, we have seen an accelerated demand for vacant residential house lots that are served by city sewer and water. In Cape Coral, these locations are mainly in the SE and SW quadrants of the city. Search for Cape Coral Sewer Homes.

Frantic growth drives water-supply crisis [News-Press]

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