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Eight creative ways to make money investing in real estate

Property values here in SW Florida have been appreciating at record rates over the past couple of years. Successful investing has been pretty straight forward, buy a property, mark it up, relist it, sprinkle some pixie dust, sell it and then do it again.

As it is unrealistic to expect the rate of property appreciation to continue at this torrid pace, investors will need to modify their expectations and strategies. From an expectation standpoint, hold times will be longer, particularly with higher prices properties.

In my own experience, properties at the lower end of the price spectrum are currently selling the quickest, this appears to be a shift from a couple of quarters ago when all price ranges were appreciating and selling at an equal pace.

Business 2.0 has laid out eight investment strategies that investors may want to consider in the coming months:

1. Move a Cheap House to a Nice Lot
2. Hedge the Value of Your House
3. Do a Tax-Free Equity Swap
4. Maximize Downtown Real Estate
5. Start a Self-Storage Business
6. Become a Foreclosure Shark
7. Buy New in a Job-Rich Region
8. Build High-End Prefab Homes

8 Ways to Cash in on Real Estate, No Matter Where the Market Goes [Business 2.0]

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