Sob story

Deceptive land acquisition pitches

Local vacant land investor Frances Snyder has acquired over 50 lots over the last two years, netting at least $400K in the process.

She is an avid letter writer and seems to have a continually changing sob story to try and convince land owners to sell her their property. Her pitch repertoire includes: acquiring land to build a school for the disabled; she has been depressed and needs to get out of a "small, two-bedroom villa and she cared for her mother for the past five years who suffered from dementia and Parkinson's and passed away.

If you are holding vacant property, you will habitually start getting these types of letters from investors. In Lee County, it is very easy to check the Lee County Appraisers Property Line to verify if a party looking to acquire your lot is an investor holding multiple properties. I am amazed at how often these writers of deceptive letters have an extensive portfolio of property.

Lot buyer accused of 'sob story' pitches land [News-Press]

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