Seven Islands Inches Closer to Reality

seven islands cape coral A major new development is closer to reality as Seven Islands gains a new round of approval from the Cape Coral Planning and Zoning Commission. Recently the commission approved the rezoning of nearly two-and-a-half acres, referred to by some as the necessary gateway to Seven Islands. Seven Islands consists of 48 acres, made up of seven undeveloped “islands” and adjoining properties along Old Burnt Store Road. The City of Cape Coral first purchased the land in 2012 for $13 million. It took until last December, though, for the city to adopt a vision plan for the property. That’s when the City Council approved plans for commercial and residential development at the site, with up to eight-story buildings. That future development is where the new 2.4-acres of land comes into play. It’s hoped by some that making the smaller piece of land into a sort of commercial gateway will help drive interest at Seven Islands. The current four parcels of land in question had previously been zoned residential, but landowners want to make the land available for businesses in the future. Currently most of the Northwest Cape is zoned residential. The area of the Seven Islands development sits on the southwestern part of the Northwest Cape along the North Spreader Canal. Right now, though, some question whether the 2.4-acres of land is large enough to turn into a commercial area. The city commonly encourages at least three-acres for commercial development, with the land in this case being slightly smaller in size. Future plans could call for a bank or some type of professional office building on the property, with the desirability of its location in regards to the proximity of Seven Islands. With that in place some feel it sets Burnt Store Road up for a future as a commercial corridor in Cape Coral. It’s now up to the City Council to decide.

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