Seller Tip - MLS Report Quality

Great column by Chris Griffiths in the Naples News for home sellers about inspecting your MLS listing. Making a few key changes to the listing information can greatly improve your house's chances of selling.

A stale, incomplete or inaccurate listing in the MLS system truly hurts your chances of sucess. Poor MLS listing photos, which are common on our market, are also a downer as chronicled in this video.

Key takeaways from the column:

  • Price your house based on current transaction activity, not what happened last year
  • Make sure your listing has multiple high-quality photos, a single poor quality photo doesn't cut it
  • Have your agent add key attachments to the listing like disclosures, addendums, floor plans and condo docs

If you know your MLS number, you can review a summary of your Greater Fort Myers and the Beach MLS listing on our sister site.

Sprucing up your home’s MLS report a good idea [Naples News]

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