Sanibel Fishing Pier

sanibel fishing pier Grab your fishing pole....bait.....cooler and and head on over to the East End of Sanibel Island.  Fishermen find Sanibel a great place to fish, especially the pier, the point and the Sanibel Lighthouse Beach.  One of the classic sightseeing spots on Sanibel Island is the fishing pier area, which is 100 yards from Lighthouse Beach.  The month of May is one of the best times to take in Sanibel, a top fishing destination in Southwest Florida, You’re likely to catch all varieties of fish here, including snook, grouper, mackeral and tarpon. For those without a boat, the channel in front of the pier runs deep, and potent currents trap bait fish enabling fish to move back and forth easily as well as feed.  This channel is used by thousands of fish migrating from Estero Bay to the Gulf of Mexico and move past the Lighthouse point and swim into or away from Pine Island Sound.  Live and dead baits both work well and you may find yourself wrestling more than 100 tarpon on your pole or you may see some giant hammerhead sharks in the Sanibel waters.  The flats across from Punta Rassa feature terrific wade fishing.  The pier at Bokelia and wading the border of Burnt Store Bar are good examples of spots for non-boaters. The fishing pier and beaches are open for fishing to the public 24 hours.  Residents and visitors will need a saltwater fishing license for fishing on shore or by boat, except Florida residents over age 65 or veterans, or kids under 16 years old.  The Fishing and Wildlife Department issues the licenses; tackle shops can help you get a fishing license.   There are three metered parking lots at Lighthouse Beach.  Take Periwinkle all the way to the East End.  Enjoy the day and watch the boats go by.

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