Sanibel Condo Deals

Ever thought about getting a place on Sanibel?

I know, during your last visit you checked out a few units and cringed at the prices........Might it be time to rethink Sanibel as a viable 2nd home option?

Today there are four Sanibel condos available for under $300,000 and a total of 36 available for under $500,000.

One of the best Sanibel deals is a 2BR condo at Spanish Cay, on Middle Gulf Drive, across from the beach. This property is listed for $285,000.

Another interesting option is a 2BR condo at Seashells of Sanibel, located on West Gulf Drive. This property is listed for $345,900.

Drop us a note if you want to check out Sanibel options.

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