River District Offers Mobile Phone Parking Payments

river_district_streetscape_wm There are apps for many things these days but here comes one that Fort Myers’ residents can cheer about: a new app to allow drivers to pay for parking meters through their cell phones. Known as PassportParking Mobile Payment app, this will be a sweet crowd pleaser since drivers will no longer have to carry vats of quarters in their cars to pay for metered parking. The Fort Myers Community Redevelopment Agency is the sponsor of this new mobile program. It is available now to use for coin-operated street parking meters as well as meters in parking lots. Many major cities already utilize this technology. The convenience of purchasing metered parking through a cell phone encourages people to visit downtown---whether business people working in or visiting downtown can use their credit cards or phones when parking at a meter. This innovative technology makes it easier for drivers to park without going back and forth to their cars to add money to the meters and reduces the need to carry spare change. Smartphone users download the app and set up an account with a credit or debit card. Hopefully this new option will encourage customers to flock to the Fort Myers River District and visit area businesses for longer periods of time. A prime benefit is that the app will allow drivers to extend their parking time from anywhere.

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