Riskiest housing markets

13 markets most likely to bust

The Kiplinger's August 2005 issue details 13 housing markets most likely to experience a drop in prices. Included in the article are a probability of decline. Boston tops the list with a whopping 53 percent chance of a drop in housing prices in the next two years.

Florida is well represented at the bottom of the list with Ft Lauderdale (19%), Miami (18%) and Tampa-St. Petersburg (14%) all included. No mention of the red-hot SW Florida Sarasota-to-Naples markets.

Boston (53%)
Los Angeles (40%)
San Francisco (40%)
Sacramento (40%)
Providence, RI (39%)
Detroit (38%)
New York (31%)
Minneapolis-St. Paul (25%)
Denver (21%)
Washington, DC (19%)
Ft. Lauderdale, (19%)
Miami, (18%)
Tampa-St. Petersburg, (14%)

The 13 Riskiest Housing Markets [Kiplinger's]

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