Realtor mailings

Northerners targeted in winter season

If you are a new Florida investor, be forewarned that you will soon start receiving a steady supply of mail from Florida Realtors. Postcards, letters, name it and they will be hitting your mailbox this winter.

There will be offers to list or purchase your property, if the price is a high is usually an offer to list the property. If the price in the mailing seems is probably an offer to buy the property.

One of my all-time favorites letters was from someone who claimed to be a local school teacher who was struggling to afford a home in Cape Coral. He wanted to buy one of my properties at a discounted price. I checked him out on the tax records and this alleged struggling teacher actually owned over 20 properties, many that were acquired at discount prices.

How do these realtors get your out-of-state mailing address? Most counties in Florida provide on-line access to property appraisal and tax information. In Lee County, the property appraiser site even provides an aerial photograph of each parcel in the county. Both the county appraisor site and the MLS systems, which also draw from this database, provide many options to Realtors for extracting data about property owners.

Greetings from Southwest Florida: Realtors 'delivering paradise' to northern residents [Naples Daily News]

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