Real estate blogging

New media gaining relevance? The NY Times highlights the differing perspectives on the real estate market between the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and the ever growing band of bubble bloggers. David Lereah, the NAR chief economist, suggests that prices will continue to rise as a result of the shortages caused by Hurricane Katrina. While I have not seen price erosion in the SW Florida market, the rapid appreciation we experienced last year and through the spring has slowed. Real estate bubble blogging is growing on a near daily basis. The very best of the bubble blogs is The Housing Bubble authored by Ben Jones. The fact that the NY Times is now referencing these blogs as a source of information is a an important milestone for the blogging community. Another sign that the traditional media is adopting the new media practices is the availability of RSS feeds from newspapers. An RSS feed allows a reader to aggregate many news sources in common location utilizing a reader like Newsgator, Feedly, Yahoo or even in your Firefox browser. Here locally in SW Florida, the Herald-Tribune is the first paper in the area to offer an RSS feed. And of course, Gulf Returns has a feed that is available here. Realtors Bubble. Skeptics Blog. [NY Times]

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