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One of the best ways to learn more about real estate investing is to pick the brain of someone having some success. Here are some links to real estate investors who are documenting their trials and tribulations using a blog.

Shaun's Real Estate Adventures details the investing adventures of Chandler AZ, based database developer named Shaun. I found Shaun's post titled a step by step guide to buying preforeclosures to be most informative and a must read for any investor hunting for forclosures.

My Real Estate Investing Venture authored by Steve, a software engineer from Round Rock, Texas, provides significant step-by-step details about his investments. His posts titled Scrutinizing Profit Calculations and Overanalyzing and My RE Agent were both most interesting.

Building An Empire is a blog authored by 29 year-old Oklahoma based, IT analyst Trisha. She is currently in the process of acquiring her sixth investment property. Trisha's comments in a post titled Re-Thinking My Buying Strategy provide insight into using cash vs. OPM to finance an investment.

The life and times of an Arizona Investor chronicles the adventures of Brian, a Southern Arizona investor. There is a significant amount of "how-to information including a posting detailing the anticipated return on a submitted offer titled, Offer #6 The complete break down. Also check out the end of the month status post which reviews monthly goal achievement.

Joe Kelley's Real Estate Investment Weblog is a journal detailing the successes and failures of a North Texas real estate investor. His post titled Nearing a First Deal? chronicles his dealings with a despondent home seller who is just days away from filing paperwork for foreclosure.

Real Estate Investing, Buying and Selling Blog provides expert guidance and information from real estate Attorney and Investor David Whisnant. News, tactics, strategies and information for investors and consumers who want to buy below market value, sell for more, and profit from real estate. Check out David's post on Who do you contact on probate properties? and Why I Do Not Buy Foreclosures On The Courthouse Steps.

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