Proposal to Connect Rubicon Canal with Bimini Basin

The News-Press reports that the city of Cape Coral is considering the interconnection of the Rubicon Canal with the Bimini Basin.  This would involve extending the Rubicon Canal across both SE 47th Terrace and Cape Coral Parkway.  Interconnection methodologies under consideration include a fixed bridge, draw bridge or a tunnel. This interconnection would be a major boon to the all the homes and condos located along the Rubicon Canal and all the canals that feed into it.  Access to the Caloosahatchee River and the Gulf would be significantly shortened for residents of the Rubicon area.  This change is expected to increase the desirability for boaters to purchase in this area, resulting in higher valuations and ultimately increased property tax revenues.  The City of Cape Coral is currently evaluating how much these potential revenue increases might be and the feasibility of issuing a bond to fund this project. This proposed Rubicon-Bimini interconnection is one of those ideas that just seems to make sense.  The canal system in the Cape is one of the City's biggest assets and the opportunity to significantly improve the desirability of the Bimini neighborhood is a powerful idea.  If you are curious about real estate in this part of Cape Coral, here is a resource to view active Rubicon Canal condo listings.

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