Property Shark

On-line real estate information aggregator

The Property Shark is taking a big bite out of Manhattan real estate with it's information aggregation service. Want to get the straight scoop on your new landlord, just enter the address on Property Shark and a plethora of information about the property is immediately displayed on your screen.

Information provided by Property Shark includes: owner; title; history; taxes; violations and permits. The Property Shark also aggregates hard to find property foreclosure information for the markets it covers, eliminating the needs for investors to scour small town newspaper ads.

The Property Shark was initially launched in NYC and has expanded to: New Jersey; Los Angeles; Florida (Ft Lauderdale, Broward, Miami-Dade, Orlando, Palm Beach); Austin; Baltimore; Boston; Dallas; Houston; Philadelphia; Seattle; and Washington, DC.

This service is all about empowering the consumer, and is another fine example of how technology is transforming the real estate industry.

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