President Obama Visiting Fort Myers

In recognition of President Obama's visit to Southwest Florida tomorrow, here is a brief poem titled Hey Mr. President:

Hey Mr. President
You're coming to Lehigh Acres
To tour the despair
With our movers and shakers

Hey Mr. President
Please buy my Lehigh lot
I acquired it in '05
Now it's worth squat

Hey Mr. President
Samir embarrassed our county
He flipped without disclosure
And charged investors a bounty

Hey Mr. President
Bring jobs to Palm City
The economy has gone bust
And career options aren't pretty

Hey Mr. President
We need a stimulus rocket
Pull some federal dollars
Out of your deep pocket

Hey Mr. President
We are swimming in red ink
Stimulate Southwest Florida
Or into the Gulf we may sink

Hey Mr. President
We thank you for coming
Please help our economy
So we can all start humming

PS. If you, Michelle and the girls want a cozy hide-away out on Sanibel, please give us a jingle.

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