Port Charlotte most affordable

Leads Coldwell Banker index for affordability in Florida

Port Charlotte ranked as the most affordable community in Florida in terms of home prices while the Sarasota-Bradenton market came in as one of the most expensive on a list compiled by Coldwell Banker.

Coldwell Banker's Home Price Comparison Index, or HPCI, uses an "apples-to-apples" comparison of four-bedroom homes sold in "middle-management" neighborhoods, defined as neighborhoods that are typical for middle-management transferees.

The twelve Florida markets covered by the Home Price Comparison Index were ranked as follows:
1. Miami-Dade $671,854
2. Boca Raton $512,412
3. Naples $436,666
4. West Palm Beach $429,250
5. Sarasota-Bradenton $387,375
6. Fort Lauderdale $387,141
7. Fort Myers $385,483
8. Panama City $360,333
9. St. Petersburg-Clearwater $323,833
10. Tampa Bay $320,781
11. Orlando $312,000
12. Port Charlotte $310,164

Port Charlotte ranks high for affordability [Sun-Herald]

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