Paseo Village Residences

Paseo Townhouse

Neighborhoods with alleys and garages tucked behind homes are a growing trend in American architecture as reported by the Denver Post.  This design allows for denser communities with car-free front yards.  This configuration facilitates more neighborhood interaction and activity in front of the homes.

One of the things that strikes new-comers to the housing market in Southwest Florida is that a majority of our residents do not park their car in the garage like up north.  With no basements and attics, many Floridians have turned their garages into the de-facto storage area and the cars get left in the driveway.  Many dense neighborhoods appear to be a sea of cars when you first visit them. While rear-loading homes are certainly not the norm in Southwest Florida, there are  some neighborhoods designed with this configuration including the village residences at Paseo in Fort Myers.  Paseo village residences offer a variety floor plan configurations including flats, town homes and split-level town homes. A short visit to the Paseo community allows visitors to realize that the community design is different than much of Southwest Florida.  The front yards of Paseo village residences are not dominated by automobiles.  What a refreshing is a shame that more communities are not built to this standard. A visit to Paseo should be on the to-do list of anyone looking for a new home in the Fort Myers area.   Here is a resource to learn more about Paseo real estate.

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