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Realtor organization joins the blogosphere

In a long overdue move, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) has launched a blog titled NAR in the News, to discuss how the media covers the nation's largest trade association. The blog will be produced by the NAR Public Affairs Division.

The NAR has lately been routinely hammered in both the mainstream media as well as by many bloggers. NAR in the News will provide this organization with a vehicle for shaping the real estate news. I do think that the general media has been most helpful in forcing the NAR experts to back-off some of their more optimistic opinions of late. Chief Economist David Lereah has really toned down his optimism in recent presentations.

I am most interested in the coverage of the ongoing battle between technologists and the NAR over the closed nature of our industry's MLS infrastructure. At some point this issue will become the holy grail of the real estate industry as third parties use technology to pierce this wall.

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