Must Have Buyer Amenities

cape_house_kitchen_wm The quintessential luxurious home is one in which the right amenities make an owner feel spoiled. What are the amenities that luxury homebuyers want now? Today’s homebuyers say the kitchen is the most important area when choosing a new home, followed by amenities in the master bedroom, according to a survey by Pulte Homes, one of the largest builders in the country. Twenty-nine percent of American homebuyers make the kitchen their #1 priority on their list of must-have amenities. The kitchen is the center of the home. Consumers are looking for efficient use of space in the kitchen, open styled kitchen with an island, and a large eat-in area, according to Pulte, regional trends dominate. Florida homebuyers prefer outdoor kitchens whereas California homebuyers want a spice kitchen. Amenities in the master bedroom rank #2 for 22% of Americans; homebuyers want unique features like “His-and-Her” closets, followed by spa-like master bathrooms. A luxurious home, according to a 2013 survey by Coldwell Banker, has a grand entryway with a large 2-story staircase and an open floor plan. Today’s homebuyer also demands up-to-date technology in the home with wireless home automation devices and smart appliances that can be remotely turned off. Forbes magazine reports an affluent kitchen includes warming drawers and wine cellar. Buyers are also looking for outdoor kitchens and pools to show off their luxurious lifestyle. Other top vote getters: home offices for the growing telecommuting trend, hardwood floors and entertainment rooms.

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