Lizard tales

Nile monitor lizards invading Cape Coral

Retiring baby boomers are not the only species with ever increasing numbers in Cape Coral these days. The nile monitor lizard population is also expanding very rapidly.

No one is exactly sure when these African lizards first appeared on the scene, but the canals and vacant lots of Cape Coral provide an inviting habitat for the nile monitor. Pet stores sell baby monitors as cute pets, but when they get bigger, they become aggressive and are often released by their owners.

The ever multiplying population of nile monitors has become a nuisance for the two legged population of Cape Coral and is also a threat to native endangered species including the burrowing owl.

University of Tampa Professor Dr. Todd Campbell has assembled a team to tackle the problem. To date his team has captured and eliminated over 50 of these lizards from Cape Coral.

Lizard Tales [The University of Tampa]

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