Live, Work and Play in Fort Myers

downtown fort myers Many top land planing experts, economists and local leaders met yesterday in Downtown Fort Myers to discuss land planning for the next 25 years in the Fort Myers area.  The general consensus was that a shift is underway in America back to urban city lifestyles away from suburbia. 

Generation X wants to live in a vibrant urban setting with walkability very high on the list of desirable community characteristics. Much of Florida has been developed as a huge car-dependent suburbia with gated communities located away from downtown cores.   

As new developers come along, they have pushed development further inward away from the coast and downtown cores. Collectively, Florida needs to figure out how to motivate re-development in and near existing downtown cores, rather than plowing in the next palmetto field.

A question that we often get asked is, are there any neighborhoods or developments in Fort Myers that promote a car-free existence? While Fort Myers will never be confused with the car-free urban lifestyle opportunities in major cities like New York, Chicago and Washington, DC, we do have some developments that are highly walkable on a daily basis.  Here are our picks for most walkable Fort Myers area developments:

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