Lehigh lot owners pay-up

Value increases lead to increased delinquent tax collections

Lehigh Acres is one of a kind, 90,000 vacant residential lots and nowhere to build new schools. With 50,000 current residents and capacity for around 300,000 residents when fully built out, Lehigh is expected to need around 25 new schools over the next 20 years.

The plan was for the County to acquire delinquent lots from owners that owed back taxes and then trade them with other lot owners to assemble parcels to build schools. With the rapid value increases in Lehigh lots, owners are more diligently paying back taxes and Lee County has not been able to acquire delinquent parcels.

If anyone at the Lee County Lands Office reads Gulf Returns, I have some awesome lots that are available, just give me a call.

Lehigh lots slip away [News-Press]

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