Lehigh Ghost

Haunted warehouse on SW 10th St??

Juicee News Daily reports on haunted locations across Florida including an abandoned warehouse in Lehigh
Lehigh acres - An old ware house - it now you hear doors slam in the opposite
room cables slam up and down really fast. and in the shed a couple of black men
where tortured and killed in there and hung on the roof you can still hear
slamming on the roof from there bodies. Its located at the end of 10th street by
7/11 when you get to the end of the street you will see an old twisted fence
just take that dirt rode and there u are. It is abandoned - May 2004 correction:
the directions were wrong. It is at the end of SW 10th Street, not W 10th
Haunted Places in Florida [Juicee News Daily]

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