Knockwurst, bubbles & experts

Getting a handle on your area's bubble

Pretty cool when an article in the esteemed NY Times suggests that it might be best to start discounting what the experts are saying about the real estate market. The article recommends that a better way to assess the market would be to have a neighborhood block party, grill some knockwurst and poll the neighbors.

It is hard to argue with the fact that real estate markets are local in nature and that local data points are significantly more relevant than massaged national data.

From my own personal experience, I get excited every time that I hear from someone that is planning on relocating to SW Florida. As I talk with SW Floridians, there continues to be a sense of optimism about the market, it seems that everyone has a friend or relative that is in some stage of planning for a move to our region.

Do Try This at Home: Assess Your Area's Real Estate Bubble [NY Times]

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