Is everyone an investor?

Many leaving corporate jobs to focus 100 percent on real estate investing

Figures recently release by the National Association of Realtors detail that 23 percent of all residential transactions in the US last year involved investors and not end-users. Obviously end-user affordability is a big concern as prices continue to rise significantly faster than wages needed to afford these escalations.

The Seattle Times profiles several investors including Paul Galasso, who quit his corporate job with Costco to focus full-time on real estate. I find it rare to attend a function, party or even a soccer game and not bump into someone else who is investing in real estate.

Locally a quick glance through the MLS properties on the market reveals that a rather significant number of property owners are licensed realtors. Hopefully, in couple of years some of the remote Lehigh lots in my portfolio won't look as ridiculous as some of the now bankrupt telecom and dotcom stocks now look.

Flipping real estate ... without getting burned [The Seattle Times]

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