Investors propel boom

Out-of-town investors are key to market

I was at a holiday party Saturday evening and was chatting with a gen-x financial planner type that told me "real estate investing is so last year." I didn't really know how to respond, but think that I will forward him this Herald-Tribune article.

Florida's favorite pastime? Not football, golf or fishing. It's real estate, and everyone's doing it.

When Manatee Community College offers a class called "Flipping Houses" -- and it is -- you can bet everyone is in the tank.

Tycoons, famous authors, sports legends are doing it. So is the soon-to-be divorcée down the block and her broker/lawyer/lover. Aged rock stars calculate internal rates of returns with sliding interest rate assumptions on fully leased condo clusters.
Investors propel real estate boom [Herald-Tribune]

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