Gulfstream dreamin'

"Live with your plane" neighborhoods gaining popularity

Located just off sleepy Buckingham Road northwest of Lehigh is the residential airpark neighborhood of Buckingham Airpark. This established neighborhood of about 50 homes is located adjacent to the Buckingham Airport.

The neighborhood is laid out in a manner to accommodate the movement of private planes on the streets in the development between the runway and individual homes. The neighborhood has deed restrictions and an active neighborhood association.

On a recent drive through the Airpark, I did notice a couple of for sale signs on vacant lots, although none appear to be currently active in the MLS system.

With the amount of investment cash flowing into Lee County, is it only a matter of time before The Donald builds a pad in the Buckingham Airpark? Call me if you see a Maybach 62 parked at the Hut.

For more private pilots, home is where their plane is parked [The Christian Science Monitor]

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