Fountain Lakes in Estero Reaches Milestone

fountan lakes sign Most of us don't enjoy celebrating birthdays as we get older, but when you are a community you love to do this so when the 25th anniversary of Fountain Lakes came up, the community came out to celebrate.  On March 10th,  about 400 people from the community came out to celebrate this milestone with a strawberry social.  Fountain Lakes, a community located in Estero was created 25 years ago as a quiet development of single-family homes mostly suited for adults.  It has flourished into a community with seniors to families with children.  With a combination of single family homes, alongside condos and a wonderful community center, there is something for everyone. New housing developments have to start somewhere, but when a housing development turns into a community that is when you have created something special.  With a combination of architectural styles, Fountain Lakes appeals to a wide demographic. When you move into a new community, one of your first thoughts is how you will meet people. If you are a senior and like the family environment, you have it.  If you are an existing family, there are kids for your kids to meet.  If you are planning a new family, you can establish yourself in this area and watch your family grow. There are thousands of developments in Florida, but if you are looking for a community that is growing and neighbors that are growing together, Fountain Lakes is it.  Here is a resource to view active Fountain Lakes real estate listings.

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