Fort Myers Short Sale Sleaze

My inbox today contained an e-mail that really troubled me, here it is (including typos) with the senders name redacted:
Subject I BUY AND SELL SHORT SALES... Comments Hello Mr Mark, I'm an investor and I'm looking for a couple of self motivated and out- going agent(s) that wants increase their commissions by helping us find and buy high end properties in short sale. I have aligned myself with group of short sale negotiators in Fort Myers with years of experience in the short sale field, that will do the negotiation(s) with the lien holder(s) on your client/seller behalf at no cost to you or the seller(s). Once I acquire the property we will put property back on market (with you) giving you the chance to earn a double commission and becoming your seller(s) hero and by that the chances of more referrals and more daels. Please contact me ASAP to set up a meeting and discuss our working along side strategy on helping your clients as soon as possible. Sincerely:(redacted)
It is troubling to me that others have crafted business strategies to profit by taking advantage of others misfortune.  I bet they never mention to the troubled homeowner that a deficiency judgment may very well be hanging over their head for the next 20 years.

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