Fort Myers Real Estate Market Ripe For Appreciation

After topping the list as a national foreclosure leader for the past few years, it is great to see the Fort Myers real estate market garner recognition as a market "ripe for appreciation." named our market as the third most likely in the nation to see near-term appreciation. This winter season has seen an aggressive buying market with second home-owners taking down our inventory of available homes.  Across our client base, there has a general belief that we are at the bottom and that now is the time to get a deal.  Many of these second home buyers are paying cash for their properties. The Fort Myers market is a popular draw with snowbirds and second home owners due to its location and climate.  One of the keys for snowbirds and second home owners is that the temperatures be warm during their visits to the area.  Fort Myers tropical climate with average annual temperatures in the mid-70s is a much "safer" weather bet than locations further north like Orlando and Tampa. Over the first quarter of 2011, we are seeing the most transaction activity in the $150,000 - $200,000 range.  Buyers in this price range are overwhelming attracted to newer homes in gated communities that are in move-in ready condition.  

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