Fort Myers Real Estate Bubble is Officially Over

RIP fort myers real estate bubble It is time to officially declare the end of the Fort Myers real estate bubble.  Why have we decided to make this bold declaration today? Lee County Property Assessor Ken Wilkinson, the Don Corleone of Fort Myers real estate values, has released his 2011 property assessment figures and values are up in Cape Coral by 3.53% and in Fort Myers by .25%.  This is the first time in half a decade that we have seen increased assessed property values in Lee County. While the local real estate community has been talking about the market heating up over the last 18 months…..I think most people take news and opinions from Realtors with a grain of salt.  Like E. F. Hutton, when Ken Wilkinson speaks you absolutely have to take notice. What this news means is that sellers are going to be happy, buyers better have a sense of urgency and your tax bill will probably be higher next year!

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