Fort Myers New Construction Starts up 41%

renaissance_new_construction If fence-sitting home buyers need another data point about our real estate market recovery…… about a 41.5% increase in new housing starts in 4Q12 vs. 4Q11.   Housing data research firm Metrostudy reports that Lee County housing starts rose from 241 in 4Q11 to 341 in 4Q12. A large percentage of this residential construction activity in the Fort Myers market is being done by national builders.  Why are these builders investing capital in the Fort Myers market vs. elsewhere in the country where they have operations?  The answer is an easy one…..America's baby boomers are approaching retirement age in large numbers and want to live in a tropical, coastal environment.  Lets face the hard facts……our prices are still relatively affordable and our weather is a whole lot better than other Florida locations including Orlando, Tampa, Sarasota, Destin and everywhere else too far north to enjoy year-round tropical weather. Evaluating new construction opportunities from afar can be a daunting task.  Here is a resource which consolidates the Fort Myers new construction real estate listings to a single web page.  If you have questions or see something that catches your eye, our team is well versed in the details of these communities and can help focus your search.

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