Fort Myers Named Top Market For Millennial Buyers

river_district_starbucks_wm Homeownership among young adults is on the rise, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Millennials---those between the age of 18 and 34---are flocking to big-city suburbs and lower density cities. Fort Myers made the list of Top 10 Metros for the millennial population. Real estate agents are hoping this uptick translates into millennial homebuyers and sellers. As #7 in the Top 10 list of Markets for Millennial Buyers, Cape Coral-Fort Myers offers fantastic weather, a vibrant community spirit and a young median age. Fort Myers’ 18-24 year old population is growing quickly and the community hosts many parks and recreational activities, from recreation classes to sports leagues, art classes, and music events. The Downtown River District is becoming a hub that many millennials are looking for. The population of this region is more than 25% millennials. Smaller markets, like Fort Myers, are showing strength in attracting young buyers. Since the 2008 housing crash, millennials had taken refuge in their parents’ homes while they were underemployed and couldn’t afford to buy their own home. But the 2013 Census Bureau Current Population Survey shows more 20-somethings are looking for new housing options, revealing the market’s new home growth in overall demand.

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