Fort Myers Luxury Real Estate Coupons

Question: What is the coolest way to announce a 14.3% reduction in the asking price of your $6.995M Fort Myers Riverfront estate home?

Answer: Advertise with a $1M coupon in local and snowbird area newspapers!

The home in question is located at 1210 Gasparilla Drive in the York Manor section of Fort Myers and was featured on Gulf Returns last October as one of our $7M picks.

I am not a coupon user as I still have those painful childhood memories of standing at the checkout register next to all that candy while my mother thumbed through the thick stack of coupons looking for the unexpired Hamburger Helper $.20 off coupon. I wonder if someone actually clips the coupon and tries to use it, do any of our local title companies have coupon scanners?

Here is a resource to begin your search for a Fort Myers luxury home.

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