Fort Myers High-rise Duel

The battle royale between New Jersey firefighter Victor Vangelakos and Fort Myers high-rise developer the Related Group is an ongoing fight.  As we blogged back in July 2009, Vangelakos is suing to get out of his contract and Related has offered to switch him to the projects sister tower. This story has attracted national attention and gets more interesting now that Cathleen Vangelakos is serving three years in prison for stealing parking ticket payments from the City of Weehawken, NJ. Based recent resales at some of the other Fort Myers high-rise buildings, this unit has probably lost at least 50% of the value from the $430,000 purchase price.  Our pick for the best Fort Myers high-rise continues to be High Point Place, located in the Fort Myers river District on West First Street.  Resales are currently available at High Point Place starting in the mid $200,000s.

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