Fort Myers Gated Communities

Fort Myers gated community Gated communities are the dominate type of neighborhood in the Fort Myers area.  With several hundred to choose from, searching for a home in a Fort Myers gated gated community can be a daunting task.  While the gates are meant to keep the bad guys out, they also make it challenging for home buyers to take a peek and see if the neighborhood is a good fit. Gated communities are located throughout the entire area of Fort Myers, but a couple of areas that have a significant concentration of fine gated communities include the Daniels Corridor and Summerlin Corridor.  These two roads are a familiar to many of our visitors as this is the most common route from the airport to Sanibel and Captiva After deciding on location and price range, another key decision point for many buyers is the level of amenities available in the community.  The Fort Myers area has many top notch gated golfing communities, but also a vast selection of gated communities that are not associated with a golf course.  Many second home owners like this gated, non-golfing option as they have the peace-of mind for their asset when they are back home without the carrying cost of a golf community.  Amenities available at Fort Myers gated communities range from basically nothing other than the gate at one end of the spectrum all the way to concierge services  and spa treatments at the other. Our team specializes in gated communities in the Fort Myers area and has over the years visited them all.  Here are some of our favorite gated communities: If you are in the market for a new home in a Fort Myers gated community, our team is here to assist in an information-rich,  low-pressure manner.

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