Fort Myers Commercial Real Estate

Fort Myers commercial real estate With its quirky and historic downtown and status as the county seat, Fort Myers serves as  a major commercial hub for Southwest Florida.  Businesses are attracted to the area to serve an ever growing population in this fast growing part of Florida.  Currently available Fort Myers commercial property listings currently run the gamete from retail to office space and industrial.  With the wide range of options currently on the market, it is a great time to start of relocate a business in Fort Myers. Just to the northwest of Fort Myers sits Cape Coral, the most populous city in Southwest Florida.  With demographics trending towards families and a younger crowd, Cape Coral is another interesting market for new businesses.  Available Cape Coral commercial property listings include retail, industrial, office and hospitality. The barrier island of Sanibel beckons many visitors who elect to stay for a lifetime.  Entrepreneurship runs strong throughout the Sanibel community is the lifeline of the Sanibel economy.  Currently available Sanibel commercial property is dominated by retail offerings with hospitality and office options also available.

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