Fort Myers Area Communities with Dog Parks

theo_puppy_wm As developers try to differentiate their communities with unique amenities, Southwest Florida is seeing a growth in dog parks within gated communities.  This growing trend both locally and on a national basis allows neighbors to meet other people who own dogs. Currently In the U.S., 4 out of 10 households own at least one dog.  As us dog owners know, having a dog is a great way to meet people.  Locally, communities such as Sandoval and Verandah have included dog parks in their list of community amenities. Bonita Bay Group opened one of the first dog parks within a Southwest Florida master-planned community with Barkley Park at Sandoval in Cape Coral.  Sandoval is one of the most desirable places to live in Cape Coral.  A gated community, Sandoval includes condos, villas and single-family homes, and now a dog park.  Barkley Park is an unleashed dog park with 2 fenced-in areas, one for big dogs and the other for small dogs.  Dogs can run and play; benches can be found here for owners to sit and socialize, and meet other residents.  For dogs, there is a pool, drinking bowl, and misting hose for cooling off, and dog waste stations to keep the park clean. The Fort Myers area also welcomes Verandah’s Dog Park located in the Verandah community, created again by Bonita Bay Group along a nearly 2 mile stretch of the Orange River in Fort Myers.    The fenced-in park is located on Verandah Boulevard, the community’s main road, and includes a doggy slide and tube, a doggy fountain and other dog-designed toys.  Trees provide shade for both the dogs and their owners.  Benches provide owners a place to sit and chat with their neighbors.  The Verandah community has more than 9 miles of walkways, paths and fitness trails connecting its neighborhoods to Dog Park for pedestrians and bicycle access.

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