Foreign Investors Targeting Cape Coral Real Estate

Canadians, Granadians, Australians and Botswanians (maybe not but it rhymes!) and residents of the entire global community are targeting our very own Cape Coral as a place to invest in real estate.   As covered by Wink News, Trulia recently reported that Cape Coral was the third most popular US city after Los Angeles and New York for foreign investment. This is quite remarkable as Cape Coral and its 154,000 residents is dwarfed by New York and its population of around 8 million and LA with just under 4 million citizens. Investors are primarily eying single-family homes in Cape Coral in both waterfront and off-water settings. Many investors are pursuing a buy and hold strategy.....electing to rent out rather than personally use their Cape Coral home. With the severe real estate market bust, there are significant numbers of Southwest Floridians who are eagerly renting these investor-owned homes. Our team enjoys working with foreign investors from all continents and countries as they pursue investment opportunities in Southwest Florida. To get started, here is a resource to view Cape Coral foreclosure real estate listings.

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