Floridians Gaining Confidence in Economy

In a study just released by the University of Florida, confidence among Floridians in the economy soared seven index points in January to its highest level since April 2010. This rise in confidence coincides with a couple of strong  months for the stock market as well as significant national coverage of an improved economy.  It is exciting to read about a positive shift in the views of Floridians as so many have suffered with the economic downturn over the past few years. In the real estate trenches, we are seeing a significant uptick in serious buyers this winter.  It appears to me that many seasonal visitors that have kicked the tires of the housing market over the past couple of years, are sensing that this winter may be the last chance to get a rock bottom housing deal. If you are looking for a rock bottom deal, we still have a robust inventory of distressed housing assets here in Southwest Florida.  Here is a resource to view active Fort Myers area foreclosure listings.

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