Florida real estate boom

Experts opine on real estate market

The Herald-Tribune SW Florida expert interviews about the current state of the market are must reads for any real estate investor. The general consensus is increased inventories due to investor sell-off, a slowing of price appreciation and challenges in the condo market particularly in Miami.

Included in the piece are opinions from:
  • Grant I. Thrall, University of Florida geography professor, real estate market analyst;
  • Hank Fishkind, economist with Fishkind & Associates, Orlando;
  • Mark Vitner -- Wachovia senior economist;
  • Marvin Rose, president of Rose Residential Reports in Tarpon Springs;
  • Joseph Kalish, senior macro strategist for Ned Davis Research in Venice;
  • Jack McCabe, chief executive of McCabe Research and Consulting in Deerfield Beach;
  • Nicholas Buss, senior vice president, PNC Real Estate Finance
The real estate boom is over [Herald-Tribune]

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